CA Students Walk Out of Class to Protest Trump

 Taking advantage of the “unfavorable” results of the election to play activist, hundreds of high school students, enabled by their teachers and even joined by some of them, played hooky from class and took to the streets of San Francisco to protest Trump's win. As you can imagine, these thoughtful young people had some “insightful” commentary to offer about the president-elect:

“Peaceful walkouts occurred at Berkeley High School — famous for its progressive-minded protests, Oakland Technical High School and the private Catholic school, Bishop O'Dowd, also in Oakland. Another walkout occurred before lunchtime at San Jose's Lincoln High School.

Students such as Berkeley High football player Armani Turner-Jenkinsheld up ‘F— Trump' and Mexican flag signs on the steps of the main quad. Some students cried and spoke in Spanish. They chanted ‘Love trumps hate' and ‘Not our president' as half of the 3,000-student body marched on campus and speak their minds. At one point, two African-American students held the megaphone while another young woman in a hijab looked on, eyes downcast, waiting her turn to voice her opinions.

‘They're angry,' Berkeley High Principal Sam Pasarow told NBC Bay Area, who did not want students to be interviewed directly. ‘They're crying and they feel unsafe. There's a great amount of solidarity.'

At Oakland Tech, students gathered on the front lawn during first period to listen to speeches, and at Bishop O'Dowd, students raised their fists to the sky under a large white cross on the top of a campus building.”

Source: NBC Bay Area



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