CA Socialist Club: Group Struggling, Students are too ‘Comfortable’

In a perfect reflection of his socialist ideals, Cal Poly: SLO student and president of the International Youth and Students for Social Equality club is blaming other students for the group’s pathetically low membership.

The president of the revolutionary, capitalism-hating group on the taxpayer-funded Cal Poly campus is Will Osselburn, reports Mustang News, the school newspaper.

Osselburn, a sophomore from New Jersey majoring in anthropology and geography, started the club during his freshman year.

The club is seriously struggling, Osselburn admits. He blames bourgeois apathy.

“I think it’s because there’s an extremely large middle class and wealthy contingency here,” the leader of the Cal Poly vanguard told Mustang News. “And while a socialist program would be in their interest, the fact of the matter is they’re comfortable. They’re living a good life. They’re materially and socially tied in to the existing mode of production, and a revolution — which is what we’re advocating for — more or less threatens their comfortable life situation.”

The socialist club has at least two other members: Christian Kelleher, a civil engineering major, and Lorenzo Nericcio, a philosophy major.

The group may soon be down to only two members as Lorenzo Nericcio admits that he is having second thoughts about his affiliation with the club.  He claims that the group focuses too heavily on a brand of socialism that is not realistic for the 21st century — as if any kind of socialism is.  If Nericcio quits the group, leaving only Osselburn and Kelleher as members, does it still even count as a group?  Sounds more like a two-person communist echo chamber.

Source: The Daily Caller



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