Bush Bashes Trump’s ‘Nativism’: ‘We Cannot Wish Globalism Away’

Former President George W. Bush (43) rarely if ever came out to speak about his successor.  Bush was possibly (at the time) the most hated man that the Left had ever attempted to throw out of office.  He was roundly and evenly despised by televised anchors, print editors, reporters and actors, as he was by the Democrat Party.  He was a president of whom the Left had routinely accused of being a war criminal and pressed for an international body to find him guilty thus.

Of course, we know that this is just the way that Leftists operate.  When Reagan first begin president after defeating a severely decomposed Jimmy Carter administration and an ideology that was dangerously close to incompetent, the Left came out with both barrels for the former Governor of California.  They accused him trying to start World War III, they said that he was going senile, they insinuated that he was seeking guidance from psychics and they told the world that he was not really in charge, that he was being told what to think and what to do by a Cabinet of “handlers” who were minding the Romper Room.

Sound familiar?  It should.  It’s the Leftist playbook that they always go back to once they realize that they’re losing.  Both George W. and Barack Obama have opted to accuse Trump of stalling all the progress they had previously made toward One World Government!

Read more on the following page about their statements that basically put all the ills garnered from their own times in office squarely on the shoulders of Trump and the Deplorables!




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