Burka-clad Woman Attacks Mother and Daughter in Georgia with American Flag

The police have been unable to attain any more information about the Burka-clad woman who attacked a Lawrenceville family with their own flag.  Thirty-year-old Amina Ahra was arrested and charged with two counts of simple battery, for attacking Dami Arno and her daughter.  The Arnos are upset that she has only been charged with a misdemeanor as they view this as a hate crime.

Ahra will only tell jail officials that she is from Africa and will not say which country.  She will not give them a local address either.

The attack was unexpected and it took the help of neighbors to hold the woman down until the police arrived.

Dami Arno told police she was in the garage talking with her daughter when she said Ahra came out of the woods wearing a full Burka, grabbed the flag from off the mailbox and charged at them.

She said she still cannot believe it all happened on American soil.

“A lady walked out of our woods in a full Burka, full attire, stares at us for a minute, then grabs my American flag off of my mailbox and charges towards us with it, just swinging it with all her might,“ the wife and mother said.

“When she came charging , it was kinda like momma bear instincts kicked in . She had to protect her children,” daughter Brittany Arno said.

Arno said when Ahra grabbed the flag; the two women began to fight. That is when Arno's 17-year-old daughter jumped in and her 14-year-old son grabbed the family gun.


Source: Fox 5 Atlanta



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