Bureau of Land Management Lied About Cliven Bundy’s $1M in Fines

Bureau of Land Management Lied About Cliven Bundy’s $1M in Fines

If you don't know who Cliven Bundy is and you're one of those who has heard a story of a cattle rancher in Nevada who was engaged in an armed stand-off with federal agents, then you're pretty much up to speed.  Cliven Bundy is that rancher.

The Bundy family has owned and minded this ranch since Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.  To give you an idea of the ranch, it is a vast sprawling piece of land and by eminent domain rights in Nevada, legally, the Bundy family has a right to allow its cattle to graze that plot.  After all, 150 years of possession should be more than enough of a claim to a piece of land that is not really used for any other reason but ranching.

Enter Barack Hussein Obama.  Shortly before he left office, he opted to forego eminent domain rights and signed an order (extra-Constitutionally, I might add…read:  ILLEGAL) that the Bundy land and hundreds of miles around it were to be saved for the redesignation of a national monument.  You read that right.  They stole the Bundy land.

Understand that the Bundy's were said to be in violation of government strictures and that's why the agents showed up to round up his cattle, put them to death, and throw Cliven and his two sons, Ammon and Ryan, in prison!  What was the charge?  They had failed to pay a $1M fee for having their cattle graze ON GOVERNMENT PROPERTY.

Read on the following page about how this $1M fee that is continually referred to in the Fake News Industrial Complex, and even on Fox News, is, in fact, a phantom number.  No fee of that size, nor anything even approaching it, was ever charged to the Bundys!

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