Bundys: We Don’t Fear Harry Reid

Bundys: We Don’t Fear Harry Reid

Rancher Clive Bundy’s sons, Aman and Ryan responded to this quasi-threat against the Bundy family by Sen. Harry Reid (D., Nev.) with a condemnation.

Aman, Ryan, and Cliven Bundy spoke with Fox News’s Sean Hannity about the crisis Monday evening.

Aman Bundy blasted Reid, telling Hannity if the Senate Majority Leader is too stubborn to see the grassroots opposition to this gross federal overreach he should be removed from office.

Ryan Bundy said Reid’s word “doesn’t matter.”

“The people have spoken and said this is no longer going to take place. So we don’t fear Harry Reid. The people are here to say we will have our freedom and that’s what is going to happen.”

Source: Washington Free Beacon

Photo: Darin Bushman on Facebook



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