Bundy Update: Reid Accused of Prejudice, Judge Refuses Bundy Lawyer, FBI Continues Roundup


Bundy, 69, is in federal custody facing 16 felony charges stemming from the April 12, 2014, armed standoff with law enforcement near his Bunkerville ranch. He and 18 other people, including four of his sons, were charged in a federal indictment in Las Vegas last month.

The Bundy family has also requested that conservative lawyer Larry Klayman be added to his legal team. Shockingly, Judge Navarro has indicated she will not allow Klayman into the criminal case due to some ginned up ethical disciplinary proceedings pending against him in Washington, D.C. Klayman often ruffles feathers and was instrumental in the Hillary Clinton email server case, so it is not unusual for his opponents to use every trick in the book to derail him.

The idea that a judge would dictate who could and could not serve as counsel in a criminal case due to a flimsy objection to an ethics breach is simply outrageous. But in this case, the government is seeking to stack the deck sky high to make sure they do not lose.

The lawyer [Klayman] blasted Navarro’s latest decision.

“The judge’s ruling will be legally challenged on an expedited basis,” he said. “It violates Cliven Bundy’s Sixth Amendment constitutional right to counsel and forces Cliven to forfeit his right to a speedy trial.

“The ruling demonstrates that the judge has an extra-judicial bias and prejudice against Cliven Bundy and his counsel, for which disqualification is required. The judge was recommended by (U.S. Sen.) Harry Reid and appointed by President Barack Obama, and the order wears her political allegiance on her sleeve.”

Last month, Klayman told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that the Bundy family had asked for his legal help.

The FBI is also casting a wider net and seeking to intimidate and frighten anyone who might have sympathetic feelings towards the protesters. This despite the fact that the only injury to those involved in either the Nevada or Oregon standoffs was the murder of rancher LeVoy Finicum by federal agents or Oregon State Police. The murder is being called justified, though there is video that clearly shows it was an execution.

On Thursday, Beth Chelle Austin and Marie Parker were arrested by the FBI, interrogated and then released without charge over their participation at the Bundy Ranch siege in 2014. The young women were arrested for traveling out to the Bundy ranch in 2014 to take pictures of the standoff. Ms. Austin informed the FBI that she does not have any photos of the incident and has no way to secure such photos. They will likely face “conspiracy” charges along with all the others who have been arrested, to date some 20 or more individuals.

The federal government has shown that it is more than willing to violate various Constitutional rights, willing to jail anyone who gets in their way of stealing vast tracts of land in the western states, and even willing to murder those who would object to their lawless actions. The government is desperate to shut down all protest and to intimidate the citizens who are gathering to object to these outrageous actions. And they are also willing to corrupt and twist the judicial system in order to get the legal outcome that they want.

It is almost unbelievable that the federal government could be so corrupt and out of control, but these activities can rightly be judged as coming from the top down. There is something called a tipping point, and we could very well be approaching that moment when the citizens of this nation will stand up and say “no more!” And that, of course is why the Bundy case is so important and why the federal government is so determined to over-charge and over-prosecute. It may slow the movement down, but with each outrage, patriots are becoming more aware that they need to take their country back.

Rest assured, that day is coming.

Source: reviewjournal.com

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