Bumble Bee Placed on Endangered Species List For First Time

Bumble Bee Placed on Endangered Species List For First Time

It seems like a lot of wildlife is slowly creeping onto the endangered species list, most of which many people have never even heard of. The stated reasons for they’re becoming endangered are often due to problems pertaining to “climate change” or some other thing that doesn’t exist or is out of our control. This, however, has been the first time a bee has ever been placed on the endangered species list.

On a side note, when an animal goes on the federal protections list, the states that they come from get federal funding. So it’s important to keep in mind that the government isn’t beyond tweaking statistics to meet their own needs. Just look at the way the Obama Administration has tweaked America’s economic statistics to meet their own agenda.

The protected status goes into effect on February 10 and includes a recovery plan. According to research, large parts of the Eastern and Midwestern United States were once full of the rust patched bumblebee, but numbers have drastically declined.

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