British PM Warns that Exit from EU could lead to WWIII

British PM Warns that Exit from EU could lead to WWIII

Considering the disastrous state of the European Union (EU) — financial and otherwise — it is no surprise that the United Kingdom is strongly considering leaving the troubled alliance.

There is no nice way to say it.  Financially, the EU is a mess.  Despite making several agreements with the more financially responsible EU members, Greece continues its irresponsible spending.  Ignoring austerity measures — to which the Greek government agreed — Greece is still paying ridiculously high pensions to its relatively young retirees.  Greece's unemployment rate remains at an astonishing 25.6%.  Spain is not far behind at 22.9%.  Relatively speaking, Portugal is doing well at 13% unemployment.  The people there, however, just elected a socialist government that openly incites civil disobedience in response to EU austerity measures.

With its open border policies, the European Union has made it easy for terrorists to move freely throughout the continent.  Recently we've witnessed the repercussions of the policies in the form of devastating terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels.  Despite this, the EU continues to allow waves of migrants from the Middle East and North Africa into its borders.

In light of all of this turmoil, Britain will be holding a referendum on EU membership next month.  Politicians in favor of EU membership are going to drastic lengths to convince Britons to vote “stay” on June 23.  British Prime Minister David Cameron supports staying in the EU and warned recently that a vote to leave could throw the continent into chaos.  To see why Cameron believes this could trigger World War III and to read his opponents' responses, continue reading on the next page:


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