Britain Pulls its Spies, U.S. On High Alert After Russia and China Unlock 1 Million Snowden Files

The Intercept published an article calling out the Murdoch-owned Sunday Times that first reported on the alleged betrayal of UK and US spies to Moscow and Bejing.

Aside from the serious retraction-worthy fabrications on which this article depends — more on those in a minute — the entire report is a self-negating joke. It reads like a parody I might quickly whip up in order to illustrate the core sickness of Western journalism.

Unless he cooked an extra-juicy steak, how does Snowden “have blood on his hands” if there is “no evidence of anyone being harmed?” As one observer put it last night in describing the government instructions theseSunday Times journalists appear to have obeyed: “There’s no evidence anyone’s been harmed but we’d like the phrase ‘blood on his hands’ somewhere in the piece.”

The whole article does literally nothing other than quote anonymous British officials. It gives voice to banal but inflammatory accusations that are made about every whistleblower from Daniel Ellsberg to Chelsea Manning. It offers zero evidence or confirmation for any of its claims. The “journalists” who wrote it neither questioned any of the official assertions nor even quoted anyone who denies them. It’s pure stenography of the worst kind: some government officials whispered these inflammatory claims in our ears and told us to print them, but not reveal who they are, and we’re obeying. Breaking!


Ex-Deputy Speaker of the Belgian Parliament Lode Vanoost states that the UK's claim of withdrawing spies is just an attempt to vilify Snowden.

You can hear an RT interview with Vanoost:



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