Breitbart: Ivanka is the Real Trump Card for 2016

Breitbart: Ivanka is the Real Trump Card for 2016

Everyone loves Ivanka Trump.

Pretty, witty and stylish. She’s a big brain, a sought after speaker and has the ear of a Presidential contender.

Not too bad for 34.

Ivanka also has something else to present the world… Donald Trump’s worth as a father.

In an age when fatherlessness is treated as the norm, Ivanka leaps forth and demonstrates her worth as a success story had a lot to do with her father.

While the nation is fixated on the next Trump insult or dust-up, the media at-large are missing the deeper image American are drinking in from The Donald.

They watch how he treats his family. They observe him realigning his campaign at a time many advisers would have cautioned him to stay the course with a few rotten eggs on board.

They admire his boldness and frankly they admire the father figure he cuts for them.

They are not alone.

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