Brazilian Police Attempt to Swindle $50K out of US Swimmer

Brazilian Police Attempt to Swindle $50K out of US Swimmer

Murky waters surround the U.S. Olympic swimmers as reports show that Brazilian authorities held Jimmy Feigen “hostage” unless he gave them $50,000.  Add this to the evidence that the police fabricated the story that the four American swimmers vandalized and destroyed the bathroom at the gas station where they were robbed at gun point and the entire story smells like a rat.

Feigen was pulled from the plane as he was trying to return home and held by the Brazilian authorities until he eventually paid $10,800 to gain his freedom.  Nothing in the story adds up, except the pile of money the police swindled out of Feigen.

The story is a complete fairy-tale made up by the police.  Feigen has reported that they never entered the bathroom at the gas station and USA Today has debunked the report that there was ever any damage.

Police transcripts state that none of the swimmers were held at gun-point, but the four Americans content they were robbed.  The “Brazilian authorities maintain the stance that having your money taken at gunpoint in Brazil is not robbery. It is instead simply a form of negotiating.”

What do they call holding an American hostage for $50,000?

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