Boston’s Baby Doe Solved, Murder Charges For Both

The discovery that closed the summer revealed that another of the mother’ drug saturated lovers, attempted to “slay the demon that lived inside the 2 1/2 -year-old girl.” To do so, he allegedly murdered her. Today, the city finally met the beautiful girl behind the computer reconstruction image—and saw the ugly adults in her life.

Rachelle Bond went from her tent city, steps from the waterfront, and allegedly disposed of her child in a garbage bag that washed up on an island in Boston Harbor.

Rachelle Bond appears the epitome of the Occupy movement where the baby was conceived in a tent. Bond subsisted off welfare, with speculation rampant about whether she kept collecting checks after the death of her daughter. She lived in Section 8 housing provided by the government. Before her boyfriend took away her third child, the state took away Rachelle Bond’s first and second to raise them for her—or at least secure people who loved kids more than a crackhead does. Rachelle Bond’s interest in Occupy succeeding appears something akin to Lockheed Martin’s interest in the defense budget exploding.

Decrying the immorality of a system that forces the impoverished to see others prosper, 99 percenter Rachelle Bond hooked up with a 100-percent-evil monster after linking up with a 100-percent-idiotic movement.

Like Occupy itself, she took but rarely gave, demanded but played deaf to others’ cries, and complained but did not constructively act. She didn’t merely believe in the principles of Occupy Wall Street. She lived them—and then a girl died because her mother thought that her child could depend on a person wholly dependent on the state and narcotics and the state for her narcotics.

Source: Breitbart

“She was angry at everything around her,” her sister explained. That describes the people in the other tents at Occupy Boston’s encampment, too. And the reward for all that anger is…




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