Boston Police Commissioner: “We’re All Muslims Deep Down”

Boston Police Commissioner William B. Evans and Michael Moore should get together for a little kumbaya session, as both men have concluded that, “WE ARE ALL MUSLIM”.

Effectively, Evans has disregarded all other religions as being unpeaceful, and therefore, antagonistic to Islam and the true religion of peace.

This visit was not Evan's first time at the Islamic Society of Boston, as he spent time there last December to calm the local Muslims down after the Christmas terrorist attack in San Bernardino.    Evans felt compelled to make certain that they were not “jittery” after two radical Islamist killed 14 people.  He told those who had gathered that December evening, “I don’t think we can tolerate bigotry toward the Muslim population. They’re an important part of our city. I just want to reassure them that we’re here for them.”

The victims, non-muslims having a peaceful Christmas party, were gunned down by two who practiced what Evans called THE RELIGION OF PEACE. Read more about his twisted sense of decorum on the next page.

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