Border Patrol Must Now Consider Gender Identity

Border Patrol Must Now Consider Gender Identity

The Obama regime, has come out with new guidelines for those who detain people/persons, especially the border patrol.  Not only must they give the sex (male or female) of those detained on paperwork, but now they must determine the gender identity (or lack there of) of those they have in custody.

What? Yes, they must delve deeper now into how the person “feels”about who they really are inside.  Maybe they could set up booths manned by special psychologists who can discuss with the illegal aliens how they feel-do you feel like a woman?  No, do you feel like a man?  NO?  Ok, do you feel like a man and a woman at different times?  Not sure?

Are they serious?  Yes, they are.  And now the border patrol, instead of patrolling the border is going to be patrolling who is really, really a man, and who is really a woman by the way these people “identify”.

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