Border Patrol Highlight The Next Threat to America

Border Patrol Highlight The Next Threat to America

Sometimes news shocks us, and sometimes its not surprising at all. Consider this story to be the latter.

Border Patrol agents are now saying that our nation's biggest security threat is, you guessed it, our borders.

This may sound like a common sense conclusion, but it seems as if our government just isn't paying any attention, or simply doesn't care to solve the problem. The issue outlined in this particular report highlights deficiencies in security not along our border with Mexico, but with Canada. While our southern border is no doubt pitifully guarded, our northern border is reportedly several times worse.

Border Patrol agents are saying that members of international terrorist organizations can use our inability to close and protect our borders in order to carry out more Paris-style attacks across The U.S.

What is interesting in this case is the reminder that we normally focus on only our Southern border with Mexico, but there is reason to believe the northern border is just as risky.

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