Border Patrol Agent: We Will Get Fired If We Uphold The Law

Border Patrol Agent: We Will Get Fired If We Uphold The Law

It is against Border Patrol policy for their agents to follow the law.  They will lose their jobs if they ask illegal aliens why they are coming into the United States.  Fired, for following the law of the land? Preposterous!

Data shows that the “catch and release” policy, that utilized Notice to Appear orders for illegals, were usually ignored, with 40 percent not showing up.  The failure to appear in court by those who were arrested and released should be “an extreme embarrassment” for the Department of Homeland Security, yet because it fits the political preferences of the Administration it is seen more as an accomplishment.

The newest policy, implemented by DHS, made it even easier for illegals to avoid court and exploit the system.  There is a mandatory release of anyone arrested by the Border Patrol for being in the country illegally. As long as the illegal who has been arrested does not have a felony conviction and tells the agent that they have been in the United States continuously since January, 2014, they are released.

Asinine?  Absolutely!  What illegal alien is going to confess to how long they have been in the country and what is the incentive for them to show up for court?  We have idiots running the DHS.

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