Bono Insults the President for His Skin Color, His Tweeting and His Ending of DACA

The lead singer of that once-iconic rock group, U2, has spoken out…AGAIN…on how much he hates Republicans, Donald Trump, and anything Right-wing and how it has given him pause to think about America as the Land of the Free, especially in view of the fact that the precious DACA program, enacted ILLEGALLY by Obama through Executive Action because he couldn’t get it passed LEGALLY through Congress, has been officially and LEGALLY ended through President Trump’s rescindment of the order.

On the Jimmy Kimmel show, while cleverly taking old, worn-out songs from their famous Joshua Tree album and altering the lyrics slightly to poke fun at Trump’s perceived skin color, his billionaire status, and his ability to Tweet (imagine that…a president that speaks directly to the American people), Bono decided that this was not quite enough overkill, so he further insulted American culture and political laws by quivering (metaphorically) in his boots at the thought of a man like Donald Trump holding the keys to our nuclear capabilities.

Outside of the fact that he failed to even mention that the guy who has ACTUALLY been detonating nuclear warheads in his country in North Korea, Kim Jong-un, Bono decided to insult one more policy of the Trump administration by targeting the ending of the Unconstitutional Executive Order of DACA.

“It’s a strange place we find ourselves in. It’s dangerous out there when you have a little emperor there with a bad haircut and his finger on the nuclear arsenal. And a lot of people in silly costumes following me around. And then you have the dude from North Korea,” Bono joked about Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

Later in the interview, the Irish rocker said the idea of America is being “twisted” following Trump’s decision to end DACA.

“Every night we’re reminded why we fell in love with this country,” Bono said. “And it’s not just a country; it’s an idea. It’s a great idea, one of the best ideas ever. But you can feel in recent times that idea get a bit twisted.”

“And then you have the ‘dreamers,’” he said, referring to the estimated 800,000 people who illegally entered the U.S. with their parents as children and who had been previously shielded from deportation, thanks to Obama’s controversial Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) amnesty program.

“I mean, we’re Irish! We’re the ‘dreamers,’” Bono said. “This country was built for and by ‘dreamers.’ … If there’s no room for ‘dreamers,’ where are we in America? It’s the American dream!”

It’s interesting (and typical) how Liberals ALWAYS fail to mention the fact that the former immigrants to this country were LEGAL immigrants.  By constantly referring to illegal aliens as “undocumented immigrants” or worse, “migrant workers,” they show their deceptive practices of obfuscation and misdirection through the sly usage of certain verbiage that takes a very corrosive or toxic word or phrase and transforms it into a very unassuming term.

For instance, calling “taxes” by the name, “mandatory government revenue.”  It’s a really old use of Saul Alinsky ideals where you can change a negative to a positive, an evil to a good, and an unpopular to a popular by the mere alteration of a word or two.

“Dreamers” is a perfect illustration of this ability.  By calling them “dreamers,” you have already projected an aura of innocence, entrepreneurialism, and intellect.  Einstein was a dreamer.  Plato was a dreamer.  Edison was a dreamer.  Earhart was a dreamer.  So was Dr. King, and used that very line in his most memorable speech.

Let us not forget, however, that dreamers (in the sense that they want to make the world a better place) do not break the law.  I know that many of these children did not willfully break the law.  But their parents and guardians did.  By boarding their 4-16-year-old children onto trains bound for who knew where and who knew what, these parents and guardians only knew what their own government (and at the time, the US government) was telegraphing to them:  “Come to America, all you illegals, and don’t worry about prosecution.  We won’t send you back.  We intend on making each and every one of your Americans through amnesty.  Oh, and don’t forget to vote and vote often for Democrats!”

By sending children, these insidious parents and guardians knew that children, no matter how many there, wouldn’t be turned away by generous Americans who had a big soft spot in their hearts.  When trainload after trainload of nearly a million of these kids from Central and South America arrive in the US, Obama (who had already told illegals that they would not need to be afraid of illegally entering the United States) shuffled right to the podium to wag his finger at the Congress and Americans about how we need to accept all these illegals at face value BECAUSE they were children.

Then came the arduous task of convincing America that DACA needed to be passed, with or without Congress.  As it turned out, it had to be done without Congress, as Republicans found it to be an unpalatable position (those same Republicans now claiming we shouldn’t end DACA, that is).

Regardless, Bono can continue to believe that he has some sort of sway over Americans and his 607 fans can continue to carry water for the Party of the Jackass as a way of showing their support for Mr. Good Voice!

Source:  Breitbart



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