Boehner On Dealing With Republicans: “Garbage Men Get Used To The Smell Of Bad Garbage”

Actually the American people are getting used to the smell of garbage, most of it offered up by Congress under the leadership of people like Boehner who still stand by lies about smaller and accountable government as they bloat the nation with Obamacare and let nuclear bomb deals and immigration and border security slip by the wayside.

Consumed by speculation about whether he’ll survive as speaker this fall, Boehner ignores the drama with a fundraising schedule. Raising money is a huge part of Boehner’s job: He says he spends between 180 and 190 nights a year “outside Washington and Ohio” collecting cash for House Republicans. Boehner said his job is to ensure Republicans “have the resources necessary to win.”

Source: Breitbart

Yet, he disdains the very conservatives that are becoming the backbone…the real backbone, of the GOP.

Boehner added, “I don’t think they understand I’m as conservative as they are. When I voted regularly, I had the eighth most conservative voting record in Congress. And the idea that I’m the establishment, that I’m some RINO, is just laughable. It really is.”

Actually, passing himself as a conservative is what is laughable…along with the idea he believes it.

Of course, Boehner’s ability to raise piles of money from a nationwide fundraising network has done nothing to improve his stormy political relationship with the actual conservatives in the House. His aides believe he is almost certain to face a vote to strip him of the speakership in the coming weeks or months. He and his staff say he has the support of the vast majority of the old guard GOP members.

Boehner wouldn’t commit that there won’t be a government shutdown, saying he’s been “talking to our members and trying to find our way through a difficult situation.” Aides close to the speaker say Boehner and fellow RINO Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) are intent on not allowing the government to close because of opposition to federal funding of Planned Parenthood. Last time a full 18% of the government shut down when they allegedly shut it down. So, what they are saying is that they support infanticide and the wholesale marketing of baby parts.

If Boehner really cared about the GOP he would step aside since he lacks the integrity and conservative compass to make the tough decisions and get the nation to back him.



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