BLM Protester Shouts Racist Remarks At Trump Supporter

BLM Protester Shouts Racist Remarks At Trump Supporter

Radical leftists across America continue to fret over the possibility of a Trump presidency, with many of them being so panicked that they’ve started revealing their true colors.

In the wake of the unprovoked violence started by Bernie Sanders supporters and Black Lives Matter activists in Chicago last week, liberals have turned out in droves to denounce the Republican frontrunner at any number of his campaign events.

Tensions between Trump supporters and these protesters are predictably tense, but the toxic climate sowed by a compliant media in their hatred for Trump and all he stands for has contributed further to the decline of discourse between conservatives and liberals. Indeed, footage from a recent Trump rally shows how not only how uncivil many of these protesters are, but how deeply intolerant they are of anyone who disagrees or even has a different skin color than them.

Watch video of one of the racist anti-Trump protesters on the next page:

Attempting to disrupt a pro-Trump event, a Black Lives Matter protester can be seen throwing crude insults and racial slurs at Trump fans. Aggressively addressing one who calls her out on her bigotry, she refers to him as a “a redneck,” and an “ignorant inbred incest piece of sh*t.”

The protester went on to declare“We’ve got white supremacy, white f**k**g supremacy in America,” with her companions standing by her as she continued spewing her nonsense.

See the video for yourself:



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