BLM Decries Friendly BBQ with Local Police

The truth is, racism exists largely because of groups like the New Black Panthers and Black Lives Matter. The proof can be found in the attempts that have been made to build bridges between law enforcement and the black community, specifically the attempts by police officers in Kansas.

When police officers invited members of the Black Lives Matter movement and other local citizens out to a bbq in attempts to build bridges withe community, the Washington D.C. chapter of BLM wasn't too pleased.

A Washington, D.C. chapter of the Black Lives Matter movement said on Twitter that a community event held in Wichita, Kansas with the Wichita Police Department — which brought police and citizens together to cook, eat, dance, and talk — was “not in line with [their] principles.”

The event was organized by the Sunflower Community Action group and, according to reports, was a success, creating friendship and opening dialogue with the community. So ask yourselves, what exactly are the “principles” of the BLM movement? The answer is simple . . . hate.





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