BLM Claims To Be a Global Movement, as Opposed to ‘Gun-toting White Racists’

Much of the session was dominated by Black Lives Matter organizer Patrisse Cullors, who shared the stage with with a few other members, including activist Stephanie Lightfoot-Bennet from the United Kingdom. While most of their panel revolved around the global potential for Black Lives Matter, they said little to prove Bill O’Reilly’s statement as being wrong. They even went as far as to glorify Malcolm X and make claims that black on black crime is a myth. I’m sure somewhere, there’s a whole lot of eye witnesses and police paperwork that could easily prove that wrong.

“We built not just a hashtag. It’s important people know that Black Lives Matter wasn’t just this hashtag that circulated around the internet, but we actually built an organization, a platform and a project out of the hashtag so here we are a couple of years later and the hashtag movement has gone global.”

“Whatever happens in the states automatically goes viral in England,” Lightfoot-Bennett added.

Cullors went on to recall her time on a “Black Lives Matter Tour” to Palestinian territory and the United Kingdom. She told the audience that while in Palestinian territory she witnessed “the occupation,” a “level of state violence,” and “apartheid.” She added that her trip to “Palestine” had been transformative and that “it challenged me and my internationalism.” Speaking of her time in the U.K., Cullors said she thought about how to make videos go viral in the U.S. as well as across the globe. “A lot of the reason why Dr. Martin Luther King was killed was ‘cause he started talking about Vietnam,” Cullors claimed.

Cullors and Lightfoot-Bennett joined forces during her time in London, England. Inquest’s e-newsletter records that Cullors addressed attendees at two main events while there.

The newsletter details that one was a parliamentary event on January 26 chaired by Jon McDonnell MP, and included Diane Abbott MP as one of the speakers.

Lightfoot-Bennet was also reported as a participant on The Police Action Lawyers Group organized a second event that included Cullors, according to Inquest.

Touré followed Cullors’s statements Saturday by suggesting that when figures such as Malcolm X began to speak globally, they became targets. He then asked panelists if any fear for their lives.

The ignorance and stupidity of these people is astounding. Yes, black lives matter . . . all lives matter. However, creating a group centered around bringing hate down on white people only creates more racism. How dare they say that they fear for their lives. What about all of the police officers who now fear putting on their uniform? Or how about all of the white people who have been threatened by claims of “open season” by BLM supporters on YouTube. It’s hard to call yourself the leader of a “peaceful” movement, when you can be seen on video yelling for people to “burn everything down” as well as several other things, filled with hate and expletives.





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