BLM Blocks Ambulance at Trump Rally

BLM Blocks Ambulance at Trump Rally

Black Lives Matter is despicable. Outside a Trump rally in Chicago, the throngs of protestors refused to allow an ambulance to get through their raging throng.

Their mamas didn't raise them right, if this is what is viewed as acceptable behavior.  Or perhaps their mamas are justifiably mortified by this utter lack of human dignity and decency.

This complete disregard for human life, by the actions taken by the #BLM protesters, only creates a deeper disgust, rather than a desire to come together and hear them out.  Imagine if one of their own was in desperate need of medical assistance and Trump supporters blocked the ambulance.  All hell would break loose and racial discrimination would be the first thing uttered, yet in this scenario, it is acceptable to keep emergency help from getting to the victim, in the name of free assembly and their over-inflated right to have their voices heard.

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