Black Lives Matter Organizer: ‘The Myth Of Black-On-Black Crime Is Just That — A Myth’

Most of the Black Lives Matter leaders are fact challenged or willing to ignore actual statistics because it does not reflect their narrative.  Goggans was responding to a video that Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis posted earlier in the week in which he called for removing guns from the streets as a key part of solving the problem of black-on-black crime. Lewis is black and would seem to have some level of credibility with Goggans, but that was not to be.

“It’s important to talk about the myth of black-on-black crime as just that — a myth,” Goggans explained. “Any Google search of the term comes up with a lot of different articles.”

“So, Ray Lewis is wrong?” interjected Costello.

“Intercommunity crime happens in all communities across the country, and it is a problem that the movement of Black Lives is focusing on,” he added. “The movement of black lives is also focusing on state sanctioned violence. It’s a different thing.”

“It’s not just a few white cops killing a few unarmed black men. It’s actually the state systematically creating up systems that are killing black people, both black women, black children, black queer, black men, black trans and black gender non-conforming folks.”

It is tragic and amazing that anyone would listen to this clown. There are certainly rogue police officers, but absolutely no evidence, whistle blowers, published reports, or research has surfaced that would suggest that any group or organization is targeting blacks. And when government reports are consulted, it becomes clear that blacks are the most deadly and active perpetrators of violence and crime of any racial group, far outstripping other ethnicities that are much larger in size.

In fact, an average, 4,472 black men were killed by other black men annually between Jan. 1, 2009, and Dec. 31, 2012, according to the FBI’s Supplementary Homicide Reports. Using FBI and CDC statistics, University of Toledo criminologist Dr. Richard R. Johnson calculates that 112 black men, on average, suffered both justified and unjustified police-involved deaths annually during this period.

This equals 2.5 percent of these 4,472 yearly deaths. For every black man — criminal or innocent — killed by a cop, 40 black men were murdered by other black men. The, at most, 2.5 percent of the problem generates relentless rage. And, yet, it is rude-to-racist to mention 97.5 percent of the problem.

In 2012, white males were 38 percent of the population and committed 4,582 murders. That same year, black males were just 6.6 percent of the population but committed a staggering 5,531 murders.

In other words: black people–at just a fifth of the size–committed almost 1,000 more murders than their white counterparts.

The government statistics detailing other crimes show equally disproportionate totals including property crimes, assaults, and sex crimes, which clearly show the reason why the prisons have a disproportionate number of African-American men residing in them. Most of these crimes are committed against other blacks. Mr. Goggans will carefully ignore these statistics, as will his Black Lives Matter colleagues, which is evidence enough that they truly do not care about black lives, they care about their public stature and the potential income they can make from their new-found career path. Jesse and Al have paved the way, and the media will once again simply print the nonsense that these panderers spew. The only question is how much room on the stage there is for these aggrieved phonies.




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