Black on White Beating Over Confederate Flag


When Leeper and his friend approached the truck, the black men told him to move his truck out of their parking space, then appeared to sucker punch Leeper’s friend so hard that he collapsed to the ground, unconscious.

Leeper was stuck in the position of defending himself as all six men appeared to take turns hitting him.

The six men then fled, but an eye witness was able to get a partial reading of the license plate of the car as it sped away, and a video of the altercation has also surfaced. Police are currently  searching for the individuals involved in the beatdown of Leeper and his friend and indicate that they may charge the men with a hate crime after the district attorney reviews the evidence.

Violent confrontations over flags, statues, and other memorabilia seem to be increasing ever since the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson last year, the question now is how the nation will be able to reach a middle ground with such sharply divided opinions regarding these types of public symbols and expressions.






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