Black Student Starts Fight, Loses, Fabricates Hate Crime

The most recent incident in which a hate crime was falsely reported happened at the University of Iowa. According to the Daily Caller, Marcus Owens, a black student at the college, “claimed that he was attacked, out of nowhere and without provocation, by three white college-age men, who beat him bloody while screaming racial slurs and landed him in the hospital.” The accounts of that night aren't quite so cut-and-dry, however. Surveillance footage and eyewitness accounts prove otherwise.

In Owens’ account, he arrived at the Eden Lounge, an Iowa City bar, around 9 p.m., stepped out for a phone call around 10 p.m., and was then attacked.

But footage, which was released by police, shows a very different series of events. The footage shows Owens entered the bar close to midnight, and then getting involved in a massive bar melee around 1:35 a.m. He was kicked out of the bar, and then proceeded to get in two additional fights within the next 10 minutes. In all of the fights Owens is acting aggressively and throwing punches, and police say he appears to have been the instigator in at least one of the fights.

Owens isn’t the first college student in 2016 to try spinning a run-of-the-mill fight as a violent hate crime. Three University at Albany students claimed they were attacked by a white mob on a bus in January, only to have police conclude they were the actual aggressors. Those students have been kicked out of school and hit with an array of criminal charges.
The surveillance footage and full report can be seen on the pages below.
Source: Daily Caller



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