Black Panthers Call for Protest Against “Pigs” in Wake of Dallas Massacre

Seeing as how the left as not yet condemned the violent rhetoric calling for the systematic execution of law enforcement officers, it is unlikely they will do anything to denounce the NBPP’s latest assault on police as they call on people to protest the police shooting of an armed ex-convict in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

On the group’s social media, they called the police department the “Baton Rouge Pig Department,” a term that is often used by militants against police officers across the country, in an exclusive Hayride report.

Check out the invitation to the protest, which is supposed to take place tomorrow and where sources tell the Hayride that out-of-towners are expected to show up in order to wreak havoc on the city.

Baton Rouge "pigs" protest

Hopefully, the police in Louisiana on hand to protect this hate group‘s right to protest do not become targets like the brave officers in Dallas.

Source: The Hayride




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