Black Lives Matter Shuts Down Shopping

Protesters from the Black Lives Matter movement shut down Black Friday sales going on in Michigan avenue in Chicago. BLM staged a protest against the shooting of Laquan McDonald, who was shot 16 times while walking away from Officer Jason Van Dyke.

Some protesters held signs which read “WHITE SILENCE = WHITE CONSENT” and “BLOODY BLACK FRIDAY.” Protesters also began chanting “no justice, no shopping!” and “16 shots,” highlighting the cognitive dissonance within the BLM movement.

If Black Lives Matter wanted to take its namesake seriously, it should focus on rehabilitating Chicago’s infamous crime rates, which boasts as being the city with the highest shootings in the country. Or maybe focus on community outreach programs to help resolve the gang violence that has earned the city the moniker of “Chiraq.” Apparently it was more important to make sure someone’s Auntie Jean didn’t get those designer hand towels for 70% off.

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