Black Lives Matter Protesters Burn American Flag, Hoist Black Resistance Flag

Black Lives Matter activists have raised a Black Liberation flag after burning an American flag in protest of the shooting of an alleged unarmed Black man by the police.

The Daily Mail reported the flag desecration occurred outside of the Milwaukee Theater where the Republican debate was being held. The demonstrator was said to be protesting the shooting death of an alleged unarmed black man, Dontre Hamilton, by a Milwaukee police officer.

The brother of Dontre, Nate Hamilton, was reported by the local Fox affiliate to have said, “I say destroy the whole constitution, because it never worked to begin with for black people.”

The Fox affiliate reported that officials with the Department of Justice had announced that day that there was insufficient evidence to pursue federal criminal rights charges against the officer. There had been a news conference Tuesday afternoon following the DOJ announcement wherein the family of the slain man was reported to have expressed their disdain for the criminal justice system generally and the findings as it related to Dontre Hamilton.

Breitbart Texas confirmed with the Milwaukee Police Department that no arrests have been made but that charges are being submitted to the District Attorney.

The man who set the fire has been reported to have been arrested for arson in the past.

Source: Breitbart

Black Lives Matter continues to be an inflammatory and reactionary movement, coalescing to no particular issue other than to defame the efforts of police officers and departments throughout the country. Seemingly any excuse will do to lash out against the system which has only ever moved to supply entitlements and special treatment to law-abiding citizens.



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