Black Lives Matter Member Arrested for Posted Threats

WSB reported this piece of work called for activists to ‘take over’ police stations. Then, Eye Empress Sekhmet made real threats to kill white people in a recent video that was taken down from YouTube…but the whole video was reposted at SendVid.

The video was titled, “DECLARATION OF OPEN SEASON ON CRACKAS”.(LANGUAGE ALERT.)In the 3:32 video, a camouflage-jacket wearing Eye Empress Sekhmet wields a machete and a large caliber handgun as she repeatedly calls for ‘open season’ on ‘crackas’ while the sound of gunfire is played in the background. An excerpt can be found at YouTube. Eye Empress Sekhmet, obviously suffering from severe nasal congestion, was arrested Thursday.

Funny, she was not so course, outspoken and bold as she was meekly taken away, telling the station it was “ridiculous” that she was being arrested over a video.

WSB-TV reported the woman’s name is Latausha Nedd — not much of an improvement of Eye Empress — and that she has been charged with ‘making terroristic threats and transmitting those threats through social media.’ Yes, Black Lies Matter, Latausha!

Black Lives Matter & F*** Yo Flag Activist Arrested for Video Threats to Kill White People, Police



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