Black Lives Matter Causes Chaos in Minnesota, Just In Time for the Holidays

Black Lives Matter has staged another protest, this time at the Mall of America. Their tactiscs are becoming as tiresome as they are ineffectrive, as BuzzPo reports:

You know what really makes people care about your cause?  Stopping them from being able to finish their last minute shopping and from getting to their families two days before Christmas.  At least, that’s what the Black Lives Matter activists seem to think will get their message out, as they spent most of today being a complete nuisance with their “Black Xmas” demonstrations.

As seen in the video, they started by trying to hold a protest in the Mall of America, and when police eventually drove them out, they moved on to form a human chain blocking the roads to the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport.  They later invaded one of the terminals, causing it to be temporarily shut down as well.

What senseless chaos, and based in such misguided, uninformed, uneducated perceptions of reality and our judicial system. These people truly represent the lowest of the low. Check out the video yourself:

Source: BuzzPo



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