Black Lives Matter Activist: “Riots Everywhere” If Trump Wins

Black Lives Matter Activist: “Riots Everywhere” If Trump Wins

While the left condemns Donald Trump and his followers for “stoking” violence, they very openly declare their intention to wreak havoc across America if the election doesn't go their way.

Jumping on each and every instance of heated debate at Trump rallies as evidence that the candidate is contributing to a toxic political environment, media pundits and talking heads will in the same breath launch into apologetics when radicals like Tef Poe call for violence.

A rapper and vocal supporter of Black Lives Matter, Poe addresses “white people” in a video wherein he states that “n***as” will “incite riots everywhere” if the American people elect Donald Trump. He went on to say that he and his cohorts have been “too nice.”

Too nice? The movement Poe speaks on behalf encouraged thousands to riot and burn their own cities to the ground and he thinks the problem is they have been too nice?

Good lord, if that's nice, I'd hate to see what Poe thinks qualifies as hostile behavior.

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