“Black Lives Matter” Accuse Hillary Of “Victim Blaming” In Heated Exchange

Julius Jones, organizer of the Worchester branch,  seems to believe the civil rights movement never happened, Martin Luther King JR. accomplished nothing, and blacks still sit on the back of the bus.  This movement is “astro-turf” funded by some Soros type enablers—to insert themselves into the campaign.  Just like the “Occupy” crowd which claimed grass roots, somehow they were blessed with food tents, first aid stations, and expensive signage with professional logos and professionally paid “organizers” for each group.  Here is a sampling of this grassroots “power to the people type movement” that is just getting “going”–Black Lives Matter Merchandise –this “movement” has some big financial backers.

Jones informs Clinton:

Standing toe-to-toe with the former secretary of state, Julius Jones, an organizer with the group’s Worcester branch, told her that she and former President Bill Clinton have been “more responsible than most” for funding mass incarceration in the U.S.

On the Bernie Sanders event in which BLM activists charged the stage:

Jones sided with the activists and claimed that the response from Sanders’ supporters who were critical of the display [of BLM rushing Sanders on stage] was evidence that a “covert anti-blackness” exists among white progressives.”

Watch the whole interaction of Jones and Clinton below:



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