Black Democrat Endorses Trump: We Would Still Be Slaves if People Didn’t Stand up and ‘Tell it Like it is’

According to the media, Donald Trump was supposed to drive away the minority vote like no candidate before him. Instead, he’s made big fans out of many who are tired of being taken advantage of by the Democrat party.

Brunell Donald-Kyei, vice-chair of Diversity Outreach at the National Diversity Coalition for Trump, was a guest on Friday’s Breitbart News Daily with SiriusXM host Matt Boyle and discussed her support of Donald Trump for president.

She explained her focus was on bringing the Trump campaign’s message to all minority groups, including African Americans, women, Asians, Arabs, and “every single person of color, whether it be color or no color.”

“What I will say is this: Donald Trump is saying, ‘America first.’ That is exactly why I am voting for him,” she said. “I’m a lifelong Democrat. I’ve always voted Democrat. I voted for our President two times, Mr. Barack Obama.” She added, “You know, I believed in him when he said, ‘Yes, we can,’ and ‘You know there’s hope. We can do it together,’ and here it is eight years later; nothing happened.”

Donald-Kyei described her disillusionment with Obama’s failure to live up to his promises, saying she was a Bernie Sanders supporter who decisively broke with the Democrats for the way he was treated in the 2016 primary:

“In the inner cities, we’ve got killing going on. We’ve got hopelessness. We’ve got people who waited on life support for the President and for others in the party, the Democratic Party, to come through with jobs, and education, and improved communities, and investment in the community, education – waited for something to happen.

And once again, you know, the broken promises. Nothing happened. And so this time, I really started to – you know, I voted for Bernie Sanders. I didn’t even vote for Hillary Clinton in the primaries. I was a Bernie Sanders girl. Once Bernie Sanders, I saw how we were treated at the Democratic National Convention, and I knew that I would not vote for Hillary Clinton, and the Trump Train just kept calling my name.

He just kept saying the right things: “I want to bring jobs, I want to bring education, school choice, to the black community, and to our communities, to poor communities, so that every child can enjoy the American Dream, whether your mother makes two dollars an hour, or whether your mother or father makes two billion dollars an hour. I want every child to have the best education. We need to build that wall because we’re not safe. Different people are coming into the country, and we don’t know who they are. We’re not vetting them.”

And so I kept hearing that, and you know, people were saying it’s about the Mexicans. It’s about Mexico. Mexican people aren’t the only ones coming through Mexico. There are other illegal immigrants coming in through Mexico.

The NAFTA deals, when he started talking about how we’re not getting the right end of the stick on the trade deals. Our country has basically – our country has been starved in order to take care of overseas.

Put it like this, Mr. Boyle, this is how it really kinda came home for me: Imagine you have a man who gets a paycheck, and he has a wife and kids at home. So he comes home with his paycheck, and his wife says, “Hey, where’s your money at? You know, we’ve got to get milk, we gotta pay rent, we’ve got to pay this, we’ve got to pay that.” And the man says, “You know what, baby? Mr. Johnson’s family was really, really, really suffering, so you know what, I gave them my paycheck. And I’ve been giving them my paycheck every month.” Anybody would say that’s hypocritical. How are you gonna starve your own family, and go and feed Mr. Johnson’s family, and make them feel better and be better?

That’s exactly what’s been happening under this Democratic rule. They’ve been feeding other countries, sending billions and billions to other countries, and we have people in the inner cities in our poor white communities, poor Hispanic, poor black, poor Arab communities, Asian communities, that need that money. We have homeless veterans that need those millions and billions.

And so, once I started breaking it down on the issues, and stopped really thinking about it emotionally, I realized that as an American, if I didn’t take off my Democratic or my Republican hat, that I would be voting for the downfall of the country. And so I got on the Trump Train immediately, and began supporting Donald Trump.


Imagine if, during slavery, and during the civil rights movement, and during the times when our country, the Framers, were coming about, thinking they were going to make our country free. Imagine if the journalists only told one side of the story. We would still be slaves. Black people would still be slaves, if journalists, if people were not neutral, and didn’t just tell the news the way it was.”

The Democrat vice grip on minority voters is finally showing a few cracks. Sooner or later, they were bound to realize that Democrats look at minorities as nothing more than votes. It looks as if that time may be now.

Source: Breitbart



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