Bizarre: University Student Forced to Apologize for “Micro-aggression”

Offended Students Demand Apology

What happened next is almost unbelievable: Another student issued a formal complaint against Farnan for committing a “micro-aggression.” For those not up-to-date on the PC lexicon, “micro-aggression” is the latest phrase of choice for leftist radicals seeking to blame racism for common annoyances suffered by people of all races. Minority activists at the University of Michigan, for example, have insisted that trivial slights, such as “Having your opinion second-guessed in a group assignment,” are micro-aggressions that betray the campus as a hostile place for students of color.

The .gif of Obama kicking a door was racist because of the “cultural, historical and living legacy surrounding people of color—particularly young men—being portrayed as violent,” according to the apology letter that Farnan was forced to write.

One imagines that these offended students are likely studying majors such as film, gender studies, and The Wisdom of Mao, certainly nothing that will prepare them for a productive job, and so upon graduation they will whine about the unfairness of employers who are unwilling to hire the under-educated, unprepared, entitled little brats. Their options will then be limited to careers such as community organizer and government worker. The problem is that the universities are loaded with Leftist administrators who have brought the problem upon themselves, and the next step will be those same administrators demanding more money to fix the problem, because that is always their way to “fix” the problem. And so it goes, with delusional little kids making unbelievable demands, with no adults in the room to tell them “no.” Stay tuned to hear about more “micro-aggressions,” because the tantrums seem to be working, and the children are getting their way.




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