Bizarre Response to Brutal Slaying at Ikea

The sad truth is that violence is unpredictable and can be perpetrated in many forms. In response to the stabbings that lead to the deaths of two people IKEA has banned the selling of knives in their stores. There is a certain understanding of a human reaction that maybe it might make a person feel safer but in reality its an outlandish move.

“Local police across the region have been tasked with taking these measures, to be there for safety purposes for everyone there – those who work there and those who live there,” Vastmanland police spokesman Per Agren said, as quoted by Reuters.

IKEA itself has now joined in with Västerås store manager telling local media that knives will be removed from shelves, a “temporary” move the chain presumably hopes will neuter the desire some in society feel to murder strangers.

Not selling knives at the store will not prevent violence from happening. Just because the murders where committed with knives does not mean the next one could not be done with someone's hands. Will the Swedish government institute background checks just to buy a kitchen knife? To read more about this tragic event go to Breitbart.



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