The Continued Push to Biochip the Populace

The Continued Push to Biochip the Populace

What can't we do with technology? Every time the majority of the population catches up to the latest technological advances, a whole new generation comes out. It's hard to except the fact that we've come to the point in our advancement where humans are now being outfitted with robotic limbs, basically creating robot-human crossbreeds on various levels .

Now we're looking beyond how we use these advancements in our external world and we're starting to discover ways of internalizing our technology. Microchips are becoming the way of the future. They claim to keep our passwords safe, store our information, track us with the potential of saving our lives, even read our minds, but to what end?

Now the government can spy on our every move, even what we ate for dinner or how long we took in the shower that morning, or what we think or feel about the government itself. Are we really creating an easier life for ourselves or are we providing the government with a new way of tracking us? Continue reading on the next page.

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