Bill Kristol’s Plan to Deny Trump Would Guarantee a Hillary Presidency

Donald Trump is close to an insurmountable delegate lead in this year’s GOP primary, but he still lacks a majority of the so-far allotted delegates. To some, that’s all they need to deny Trump of the nomination he — by all historical accounts — rightfully deserves.

In order to defeat Donald Trump,  The Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol admits he is prepared to hand Hillary Clinton the Oval Office. On Wednesday’s “Morning Joe,” the Republican Establishment leader laid out his plot to deprive Trump of the 50% of delegates necessary to secure the nomination. From there, the idea is to go into a brokered convention and cut a kamikaze deal that awards enough delegates to an “acceptable” candidate (who will have won far fewer votes, states, and delegates than Trump).

The problem with the Establishment brokering a behind-closed-door deal that hands the nomination to a Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), is that the backlash against the Republican Party is almost certain to hand Hillary Clinton the presidency.

If a bunch of rich, angry GOP elites rob Trump supporters of their victory, the blowback will result in so many voters staying home in November, Hillary wins. As NBC’s Chuck Todd pointed out last night, at this point the delegate math is such that the only way to stop Trump is through this scheme at the convention.

Donald Trump is doing well, but for the first time, the wide Republican field is actually hurting the businessman by denying him the majority he needs. That all changes in two weeks, when primaries go winner-take-all. Should this race continue in its current trajectory, Kristol’s democracy-free plan may be moot. Trump may have the delegates to cinch the nomination outright, without the threat of second ballot.

Source: Breitbart



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