Bill Kristol Threatens Third Party Support

With Kristol warning that he plans on supporting a third party candidate should Trump win the Republican nomination, it could mean trouble for a party that’s already slowly tearing itself apart. The divide between members of the GOP is no secret, but with conflicts like this brewing within, it could put the United States in danger of seeing another term with a Democrat in office.

To be fair to Kristol, he finds partisan loyalty oaths silly…

…but if the plotting and planning among the GOP Establishment is to run an Establishment candidate as a third party in the event of a Trump nomination victory, by their own shrill admissions over the summer, the Establishment is consciously prepared to flip over the entire boardgame and hand the White House to Democrats in 2016.

Unless of course they were all lying with their loud claims that a third party run would result in a sure-fire Republican loss. I don’t think so. All the polling shows that any breach between Trump and the Republican Party means — and by a safe margin — four years of President Hillary Clinton.

Let’s hope that what Kristol is saying is all talk. This is one of many examples of the GOP elite causing a scene when they don’t get their way. Perhaps it’s time they set aside their differences and did what’s best for America. Nobody on the right wants to see another term with a Democrat in office, especially if that Democrat is Hillary Clinton.





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