Bill and Hillary Clinton Make $153 Million in Speaking Fees

Bill and Hillary Clinton Make $153 Million in Speaking Fees

You can't spell corruption without several letters from the last name “Clinton”. With Bernie Sanders putting Hillary under severe scrutiny for her ties to Wall Street, more figures are surfacing that show just how deep those ties run. Since 2001, Hillary and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, combined earned more than $153 million in paid speeches. Together, they gave 729 speeches from February 2001 to last May, when Hillary launched her presidential campaign.

According to figures released by a CNN analysis, Hillary collected at least $7.7 million for nearly forty speeches to big banks like Goldman Sachs and UBS. This would mean that a decent chunk of Hillary Clinton's campaign is funded by Wall Street. Hillary justified it by basically saying that it's all part of the game, claiming that these “insinuations” aren't worthy of Bernie Sanders.

That being said, is it really an insinuation if it's true? As always, Hillary's defense is buried in transcripts and legal documents that will never see the light of day.

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