Bill Gates Wants To Implant This In Wives & Daughters Everywhere

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was/is funding a project with a stated intent to offer “birth-control microchip implants”. While this description sounds only mildly creepy, the potential implications are chilling and the reality of remote-controlled human reproduction is nearly a reality on a wide scale:

Testing on women volunteers is set to begin in 2015.

Chips were set to be distributed by 2018.

Perhaps he's been busy with other depopulation projects as of late.

This particular project was being presented as a tool to aid female empowerment a tiny wireless chip implanted in women provides a sort of sterilization switch, but there is potential for horrible accidents on a large scale and the supporters of the system tend to gloss over the potential for unethical misuse.

There are many worrisome aspects of wireless “pregnancy-Gates,” but they all come back to one fundamental question: “Who is in control of the woman's ability to conceive?” Rights activists insist that women have “the right to choose,” but if a wirelessly activated chip, provided and maintained by Big Pharma controls a woman's fertility how is that empowering?

What if there is a malfunction? Do we want to rely on a birth control chip remaining error-free and harmless? And that assumes there is never any malicious action involving criminals hacking wireless signals or even, heaven forbid, some overt misconduct by the organization that provides and maintains the chip. Eugenics, anyone?

OK, that is starting to be just terrifying.  BUT THAT'S NOT EVEN THE WORST!

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