Bill Gates Creates His Own Hitler Youth Through ‘Global Citizenship’

Children are then snared into individual subjection to “society.” Global citizen conveys a clear message to youth that their own life does not actually belong to them. Generosity towards one’s own community comes from “a greater cause” that has personal appeal or the endorsement of a celebrity. Compulsory compliance to these “volunteer programs” brainwashes youth to totally surrender; their lives are no longer their own. The state controls final authority of their actions.

Upon joining Global Citizen they enticed with “Bill Gates recognizes that individuals have diverse passions. That is why the Global Citizen network will choose for you: some people…will pick women’s reproductive rights, some will pick agriculture. And then there are NGOs in each of those areas that you can volunteer for, give money to, and feel connected.”

Teens are sent tweets, emails and Facebook messages encouraging them to get involved in these UN mandated programs. The targeted teens are given choices to be involved in such “worthy” endeavors as:

1. Sustainability
2. Food and hunger
3. Water and Sanitation
4. Health (i.e. vaccines)
5. Women and Girls (i.e. reproduction issues and negative population growth)
6. Education (i.e. Common Core)
7. Ebola Action Center (author’s note: And you thought we were done with Ebola).

A world without cars "would be a cool thing".


Meet the man who will bring us a vaccine for stupidity.

Source: The Common Sense Show

The Global Citizen Nights act as an exchange. They replace drug saturated raves. The switch up is that rather than destroying bodies with drugs, the youth destroy their minds with an onslaught of warped globalist propaganda. A central theme of the Global Citizen Nights is the deliberate condemnation of national independence (e.g. independence is so old school) and this comes at an age when young people’s minds are open to enticing extremist ideas without fully knowing how to consider them.
Beware of Global Citizen and its ties to Agenda 21.

…and protect your children from it.



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