Bill Clinton: Trump Supporters are Your “Standard Rednecks.”

This is how the Clinton's campaign. They demonize Trump and make his supporters seem like awful people. If there are any monsters in Trump's supporters, they're monsters created by people like the Clintons and the Obamas. If you push the good people of America hard enough, eventually they're going to push back.

As despicable as they may be, Clinton’s comments are by no means surprising. The Clinton camp has campaigned largely on dismissing and demonizing Trump and his supporters as bigots.

Unfortunately, while Clinton’s redneck remarks may be politically convenient in the short term, they are in the long term divisive and dangerous. Race relations are worse than they’ve been in decades and society is so polarized politically that it often seems as if there are two entirely separate Americas trying to occupy the same country.

These wounds will continue to fester, and true bipartisanship will continue to be little more than a pipe dream, as long as liberals and progressives continue to portray all opposition to their ideological agenda as manifestations of ignorance and hate. So much for “stronger together.”

I guess come November, we'll find out whether this political game of thrones is fair or if its rigged. It's basically become the major American cities who live off the government, versus the rest of America, which is still quite a large number of people. One thing is for sure, whoever wins, the future is going to be interesting, if not terrifying.




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