Bill From 2006 Permits 193 Million Immigrants Into US By 2026

United States Will Drown in Immigrants

The bill also allows the number of legal immigrants to double to more than 2 million people annually. It also allows for a guest worker program that would permit up to 325,000 immigrants in who would be able to apply for citizenship at a future date.

And finally, the millions of immigrants would be allowed to bring in family members, all of which would swell the numbers to untenable levels.

That population would grow exponentially from there because the millions of new citizens would be permitted to bring along their extended families, and the bill includes “escalating caps,” which would raise the number of immigrants allowed in as more people seek to enter the U.S.

“The impact of this increase in legal immigration dwarfs the magnitude of the amnesty provisions,” said Mr. Rector, who has followed Congress for 25 years. He called the bill “the most dramatic piece of legislation in my experience.”

Mr. Rector based his numerical projection on the number of family members that past immigrants have sponsored.

Although most opposition has come from conservatives, liberals are growing increasingly uneasy about greater competition for American jobs — especially the low-paying ones.

The bill also strips out the long established policy of permitting immigrants in who are deemed to be likely welfare recipients, so the public assistance roles will mushroom.

It is hard to understand why anyone would support this bill if they care at all for this country. From unassimilated cultures to overburdened infrastructure, to exploding welfare roles and zooming unemployment rates, it is hard to see how anyone with a stray thought in their brain could support this travesty.

Let us hope that there will be some rational souls that will come to their senses and reject this bill out of hand. Unfortunately, the pro-illegal immigration lobby is  continually pushing for more immigrants, and this may be the very moment when the country finally succumbs to the outrageous burden of unlimited immigration.





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