Big Pharma washes its hands of the bacteriological crisis it helped create

Big Pharma washes its hands of the bacteriological crisis it helped create

After years of pumping antibiotics into food produced by the agriculture industry we are on the verge of a massive health crisis. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria, ‘superbugs’, are showing up at a growing rate. 24.6 million pounds of antibiotics are administered each year for non-medical purposes, so many strains of bacteria evolve resistance.

“The bottom line is, if ALL antibiotics fail, it will in effect mark an end to modern medicine as we know it—and we are quickly heading in that direction.” -Dr. Joseph Mercola

Our best weapon to fight resistant bacteria, the pharmaceutical multi-nationals has been distracted by the lure of higher profits in other areas of research. Now that these companies have developed and marketed the antibiotics that create the problem, they have shifted focus to other goals.

The drug industry has all but abandoned antibiotics research because these “wonder drugs” of the last half-century are becoming ineffective—and Big Pharma knows it. The “antibiotic bubble” has burst. According to Paul Stoffels, head of Johnson & Johnson:

“The market for a new antibiotic is very small, the rewards are not there and so the capital is not flowing. In cancer, people pay $30,000, $50,000 or $80,000 (per patient) for a drug, but for an antibiotic it is likely to be only a few hundred dollars.”

Is the situation hopeless? Dr. Joseph Mercola says no; there are steps we can take as a society and as individuals to reduce the threat.

Dr. Mercola recommends a three-part solution to the impending superbug crisis:

  1. Better infection prevention, with a focus on strengthening your immune system naturally
  2. More responsible use of antibiotics for people and animals, with a return to biodynamic farming and a complete overhaul of our food system
  3. Innovative new approaches to the treatment of infections from all branches of science, natural as well as allopathic

 Action YOU can take:

Concentrate on non-antibiotic remedies and preventatives before leaping to antibiotics. Bacteria do not develop resistance to natural compounds such as garlic, cinnamon, oregano extract, Manuka honey, probiotics, and the like.

Keep your immune system strong through healthy diet, proper stress management, and exercise so you won’t be as susceptible to infection.

Choose clean, whole foods (animal and plant based), organically raised without antibiotics and preferably locally sourced. Antibiotics simply aren’t  needed when healthy animals are raised properly.

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