Biden Wants to Take Trump Behind the Gym for a Fist Fight

After making all his allegations against Donald Trump, Joe Biden went on to say “I wish I could take Trump out behind the gym.” What does that even mean? First of all, he didn't specify what he wanted to do to Trump. Knowing Biden's perverted mind it could have any number of meanings.

Second of all, if anybody deserves to be called a pervert and womanizer, it's Joe Biden. Chances are, if he challenged Trump to fist fight, Biden would go down hard and fast, or he would be that guy who throws dirt in his opponents eyes or punches him in the testicles. The hypocrisy is disgusting.

Check out the video below.

Biden, like a typical Democrat, doesn't follow by the same rules he epouses that we all should. Although he railed against Trump for making private ‘locker room' comments about women, he is known for his ‘creep factor' for his actual treatment of women:



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