Biblical Scholar Identifies Prophetic Fulfillment in Actions of Donald Trump

When people hear of prophecies, they typically think of esoteric information predicting future events. That's one valid way of looking at it, and there are no shortage of those considered to be prophets. Nostradamus comes to mind, as do others from various cultures and religions.

When a Christian speaks of prophecy, he is typically talking about matters relating to future things, often things at the time of the end such as the return of Christ, the last judgement, and the new heavens and Earth. In a broader sense, the term “prophecy” refers to the speaking forth of the things of God.

So serious was this matter taken in Old Testament times among the Jews, that someone who claimed to be a prophet of God was held to an incredibly high standard. If he had truly heard from God, then his prophecy must be true since God knows all and cannot lie.  Hence, if his prophecy turned out to be false, then he had not heard from God, was thus a false prophet, and was executed.

As mentioned earlier, numbers in the Bible do pay a very important part in understanding biblical prophecy. And that's where we pick up our story.

Are Israel, Jerusalem, Donald Trump, the number “seven,” and our embassy in Israel all connected to Bible prophecy?

One scholar believes so.

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