Beware If You See A Coin Jammed In Your Car Door

Beware If You See A Coin Jammed In Your Car Door

There's always something new happening in the world of people taking things that don't belong to them. If you've surfed the Internet enough this week, you've probably come across articles talking about what it means when you have a coin jammed in the door handle of your car.

Bloggers are calling this a new trend. Thieves are placing coins in the door handles of cars in hopes of it preventing the doors from locking.

Then, when you go inside for the night, they're coming back and either stealing your entire car or whatever is inside of it. Whether the coin messes with the signal of the remote lock on your door or if it just prevents the handle from fully latching is unknown, but motorists are being urged to check their car doors before leaving the driveway.

Whoever discovered this method of breaking into cars, obviously put some thought into it. Imagine if a thief put that kind of thinking into solving problems that actually help people. They wouldn't have to steal things for a living, they would be eligible for employment.

When you get home and press the “lock” button on your remote the system will fail to lock. Then, when you go inside the waiting thief walks right up to your door and opens it.

Ironically, if you walk outside and discover a coin in the door of your car and you slip it into your pocket, you'd actually be robbing the person who's attempting to rob you.




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