Beware: The Progressive Ruse to Abolish the Electoral College Gains More Ground

It’s called Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) and has been presented by many different organizations and in many time periods of our modern history. The current incarnation is being aggressively lobbied to all states by a group known as

A lovely sounding, almost tranquil name, assures the public that the RCV system of elections is the equivalent of cutting-edge medical innovation that can detect a chromosomal aberration before the child is even conceived. In other words, it’s the “greatest thing since sliced bread!”

What is not telling you is that this voting system has been specifically designed to throw such disarray into US elections as to possibly put people in office who didn’t even receive votes by a MINORITY of the voters!

Turn to the next page for a very dangerous precedent being set across the country, where voters will be so confused and outright frustrated at the lack of transparency about our elections systems that they just may be hastening the demise of our Constitutional Electoral College!




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