Bernie Sanders Shells Out $600,000 for Fancy New Summer Home

Bernie Sanders Shells Out $600,000 for Fancy New Summer Home

Another leftist, anti-capitalist hero has exposed himself for the false idol that he is, and boy are his supporters going to be upset….again.

For the considerable period of time that he spent trying to secure the Democratic party's nomination before conceding it to Hillary Clinton, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders rallied young, impressionable people all over the US behind him with his attacks on the rich and his calls for free education, free healthcare, and countless other “free” things.

Of course, anybody can tell you that nothing is really free, but that didn't stop liberals from lining up behind him, believing him to be the only candidate who couldn't be bought.

So, it's extremely ironic that after exiting the race, Sanders shelled out $600,000 for a summer home in the Champlain Islands, engaging in the kind of excessive materialism that he decried on the campaign trail.

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